Guns of Boom: Get Your Fire On With These Cheats

Looking for an exciting game to play perhaps, with your friends and family? Well, for all your needs, this strategic game called Guns of Boom is here. This has only one game mode where it’s a 4 squad team vs. another 4 squad team and of course, the last team standing is the victor. While the game sounds fun but, it may get difficult to figure it all out for a first timer and even long-time players might hunger for some tips to win the game more easily. So below listed are some Guns of Boom cheats:

As said in above, the game gets more fun if you play with your family and friends as they will be more in tune with your skills and coordination as well as communication will be better with people you already know in real life rather than with strangers whom you just matched up with.

The main aim of the game is to go for gold- as in for both money as well as kills. So just eliminating the opponent will not do here. You have to go for headshots since those give more points. Apart from headshots, killstreaks also pour out points since it for a double kill you get around 12 points and for triple kills you get 24 points. The aim should always be to climb up the rank board rather than just winning a specific present game.

One way to get more points is to do the various side quests given. Complete they and you can get hidden chests to unlock which will yield weapons, coins and more.

Weapons are important in this game (as the title suggests) so try to collect as many weapons as you can. But don’t neglect armor as it will save your life in crucial situations as well. The guns typically come in 5 types:

Legend weapon: 340 power, 35 accurate strikes, 38 magazines, 20 ranges.

Slicer: 652 power, 25 range, and 47 accurate strike rate as well as a 38 magazine.

Scattershot: 776 power, 22 accurate aims, 60 magazines and an 18 strike range.

Guillotine: 400 power, 19 range strike, 60 accurate strike aim and 35 magazines.

Sting: 524 power, 35 accurate aim strike, 30 magazine and 25 range hits

Storm or take over an advantageous position to look out from. This will act as your high point from which you can gain a tactical advantage over your enemies since they will not be able to know your plans at all. This position can also be used to ambush your enemies so your team can sneak up on them and they eliminate them all.

Guns are important but so are grenades. One can argue that perhaps more than guns since these long-range balls of fire can be checked to get out of any dangerous situation- facing an enemy and getting nervous? Just chuck a grenade. Out of fire? Again, grenade. These one-stop solutions should always be stocked for emergency situations.

The first things you will see is automatic fire, as in there are no controls which determine the ability to shoot at the enemies, the firing happens automatically so don’t get freaked out by that and go on pressing different buttons. But if you like being in control then go to settings and then enable the shooting option.

Getting armed with knowledge is as important as getting armed with guns. So go out into the battlefield and be in it to win it for your squad.

Why is Free Fire Battleground the best game ever?

A lot of aiming games had so far arrived in the Android gaming world of shooting. But none had enough exciting resources to defeat down the game Free Fire Battleground. The game has the strong promise of amazing excitement with unlimited adventures. Therefore the gamers who generally do not prefer to play any shooting games cannot deny playing Free Fire Battleground. The real masters of other games would always feel a bit embarrassed if they have not shown their efficiency and skill in this aiming game. The game is designed with the very realistic graphical display. Along with this, the players can comfortably play the game as all the controls can be very easily handled.

Tips to fight in Free Fire Battleground

The game has really impressed the gamers as they can really feel proud when they see them standing as the last man. The game is knock-out based combat where the players shoot around with other competitive players with some surviving techniques. In the beginning, the player should invest some time to learn the basic playing features. It is really tough to stand till last as the last shooter if the player is unaware of the different utility features of various weapons and useful articles. So it is always advisable to learn at first the features offered to the gamer by playing not to win but to learn. Search out various tips and tricks or a free fire battlegrounds hack to use all the features. Start fighting seriously only when you know almost entirely the Free Fire Battleground.

How is effective skydiving an added advantage in Battleground?

After you master the technique of aiming to some extent concentrate on skydiving. As the game starts with a parachute diving the ejecting time is very important. While dropping from the sky you start targeting some buildings but landing to close to the path of the flight might not be your choice. While your camera has been placed parallel to the runway hold forward. Never forget to use maps with markers to avoid dropping at an undesired location. After locating your desired location angle the camera down for the maximum controllable speed from which you can pull the parachute automatically. Remember the control of parachute changes just after it opens up. Now pressing forward will give your desired falling speed. If you want more distance to avoid forward pressing. After you reach the ground your movement is not controlled by the camera anymore. Simply look around and find whether you have only arrived at that spot. Be ready always in the shooting.

A special guide to playing a game of Simcity Buildit

Simcity BuildIt is a mind blogging game. This is a special guide to playing the game. If you make the best use of all these strategies, then you can easily understand all the intricacies involved in the game.

Don’t Stop Producing

The more you produce, the more you can work towards the betterment of your city. You need not produce the items and materials your city alone needs, you can sell off the extras at the trade depot.

Maintain good relations with neighbors

When you see an item floating above the home of your neighbor, don’t buy it. Maybe they are selling it to one of their friends. This deed enhances the relations between you and your neighbor.

Plan your produce

The game is 24×7 engaging. Every industry and factory need a separate and definite manufacturing strategy. The perishable goods like food items can be manufactured in the night. You can load all the raw materials into the machine and you can find it all finished by morning. The other items like plastics can be manufactured during the daytime.

Provide breaks in the roads

It is not suggested to build one wide long road. Instead, you can lay on streets and other arterial roads. This increases the accessibility.

Use your money wisely or use a Simcity Buildit Hack

You can constantly see notifications of new items being sold at the Trade HQ. But, it is better if you do not buy the things which you won’t be using on a longer run. It is a total waste of money.

Keep expanding

You can’t have skyscrapers in your city if you don’t have parks, hospitals etc., Go step by step and keep expanding. This is one of the most important things to be followed in this game.

Service needs

It is not just enough if you provide all the facilities to your citizens. You should also make sure to serve all the facilities you had provided them. The services play a key role in maintaining the integrity of the city.

Remodel your city often

The change is always appreciated. It is better if you remodel your city. This makes sure you are on track with the upgradation.

There are other things like planning a list of things you need for your city. Join a Facebook group. Get insights from those who play this game. Make your plan and user guide for assistance.

An overview of the Clash of Clans resources

Clash of Clans is a strategy game where a player is given a new layout where they need to build a village and make some improvement in the troops and keep upgrading the troops until it becomes eligible for competing with other villages. It is a very addictive game and a player should strategize well.

For proceeding properly the layout is also important because it helps to guard the important resources against the opponent.

Resources of Clash of Clans

Gold: Gold is the primary currency of clash of clans. From the starting of the game, a player needs to constantly produce coins by buying the gold storage and gold making machine. This gold can be utilized for buying troops and for upgradation. So one can easily exchange gems for getting gold. One need to constantly upgrade the gold storage otherwise the gold count won’t increase. Whenever a player will update the gold storage it will help to produce more quantity of it.

Gems: Gems are the rarest and the most difficult resource of this game. At the beginning of the game, one can use a certain amount of gems for fastening any upgradation or as an exchange for getting gold or elixirs. Gem has a very high value and getting gems is very difficult. One should spend the gems wisely. By removing any obstacles or gem box, a player can get a good amount of gem if they use a clash of clans hack gems. Even on the completion of certain tasks like upgrading the town hall to proceeding in a new level, one can easily get the gem.

Elixirs: There are two types of elixir, ordinary elixir, and dark elixir. Elixir is also important like that of gold and can also be used for upgradation as well as for buying troops. The dark elixir is more powerful and will be unleashed in the later stages. If you are in the beginning stages, then you can also attack other villages which are having dark elixirs. Dark Elixir is mainly seen in villages which are very much upgraded.

These three resources are an important part of this game and should be spent wisely in order to upgrade easily. One can also attack other villages for getting more resources. A troop should comprise of both intermediate and strong troops. Clash of clans was designed to keep the players hooked up to it for a long time.

Rules of 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a very popular game which is played all around the world. You can compete with millions of people who are there to beat you with the stick. You can play this game on both single and double player mode. The game starts with 16 balls one cue ball and 15 object balls. All you have to do is pocket the ball. Though it may sound easy, it is very difficult when it comes to playing it as video games. Because playing a motion sensor game is quite difficult for a beginner. Once you start playing, you will achieve more degree of concentration, skill, and tactics. So let’s see what the rules of 8 Ball Pool game are.

Rules of this game

Equipment and players: There will be a table available in the game which can be of various sizes. The game has 16 balls which comprise of 7 types of striped balls, 7 type of solid was, cue balls which are white and only one black ball.

Aiming: When you will aim in this game, you will have to do it quickly because there will be a clock that will track the time. If you consume a lot of time in one shot, then you can miss the other one. So always make it up a quick shot.You can also use the aim option which will help you as a guide during the initial stages.

Object: 8 ball pool is known as a pocket game for billiards. So for winning the game, you should legally put all the 8 balls into the pocket.

Break: The player who will break during the first match will be chosen randomly, and then all the players will be selected according to turn.

Racing: As all the 15 balls will be arranged in a shape of a triangle so there will be a ball in the foremost position. The rest of the ball will be randomly placed.

Matches: It takes a lot of dedication and skills for becoming a skilled player in this game. But at first, you will need to learn all the rules of this game. You can play the game against one player all you can play with other players as well as in tournaments. If you want more challenges, then you can try that tournament. For this, you will have to click on the screen where the tournament option is available. But if you want to play a one on one match, then you will have to put some more coins for unlocking new locations.

Currency: Every game has their currency or resources. This game has two different types of currency one is the pool cash, and the other is the pool coins.  8 ball pool free coins 2018 are the main currency of this game, and you can easily use them for joining this game as well as buy more pool cues, chat packs and table patterns. You can open the pool cash by purchasing from the pool shop, and it can help you to buy some more table patterns and cues. You can easily obtain these coins with the spinning wheel where you can get near about 50000 coins, 8 lucky cues, and scratch cards. You can also earn more coins after 30 minutes just by selecting the button which will appear on the screen.

You can also try the 8 ball pool cheats for easily winning some of the beginner levels. But you need a proper strategy to win the game. Because cheats can only help you to get more resources but spend them in the right way will depend on the player.